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Written By Jonas Benanas Supper - February 07 2012


amanda c
June 15 2017

I want to return an item. Is it okay to return it in the same package that you sent it in, but with a different shipping label?

Kevin V
June 04 2017

How often does the store repopulate sold out items?

brandon nguyen
May 19 2017

i ordered the wrong size by accident! i got a 2017 hoodie
i need a 2xl but i ordered a medium ;C

April 20 2017

I placed an order for a TSM Jersey, after a day it was processed and I was given a tracking number. A few days later I received an email claiming the order was cancelled. I can still track my order using the tracking number, how do I know if my order was actually cancelled? How long does it usually take to receive replies from

Eric Lin
February 18 2017

Can u give me the tracking number for order #83435 please, I ordered the season 4 jacket and I’m really hype for it

February 15 2017

Still haven’t had an update on my order :/ it was placed on the 29th of January and still hasn’t shipped yet. Help!

Sydney Ward
February 14 2017

I was just wondering if I could possibly get a tracking number for order #83174 I ordered it over a week ago and was just wondering when I should be expecting it. The FAQs say about 4-8 days, but I’m not sure if it’s shipped yet? Thank you guys for all your help! :)

Jingyu Zhang
January 25 2017

I just made a order and i typed a wrong email address their . i think it will be canceld automatically if i dont reply the confirmation email . So i made another order which is the same as the first one with a correct email address . But i found 2 orders are both confirmed now . Now i just want to cancel the first order which is #82860 cuz i dont wan to buy the same items . Thanks.

Hope Eisenmenger
January 10 2017

Hello can I get my tracking number for order #82521 thank you

December 03 2016

Is there a way I can know the status of my order?
#79598, ordered on 11/27/2016.

Michael Kim
November 23 2016

Hello, I have accidentally put a wrong player name for my team 2016 Jersey t shirt, is there anyway I am able to cancel the order and get a refund?

Ana Francisca Coelho
November 07 2016

Hi there,

I just wanted to know if there is any way to follow the status of my order. It is for my brothers birthday (23th November) and I would like to know if it will get here in time .

Order #77589

Thanks !

Jazmine rivera
November 05 2016

Hi, I ordered a jacket about three weeks ago and I still have not received it. I was wondering if I could have the tracking information because it has been a long time. Order #76151

Tyler Cox
November 01 2016

Can I have the tracking number for #77211

Joshua Manalo
October 14 2016

Hi! I just ordered a Zip-Up jacket and I live in Australia. How long approximately would it take for me to receive it?

Michael Miller
October 08 2016

Could i get my tracking number for order #76364

Frikk Sandvik
October 06 2016

Any chance i can cancel my order, or simply change the size of the shirt i ordered? I managed to select small, rather than medium which i figured out just when i confirmed the order. My fault entirely, but i really want a shirt that actually fits me.

tl;dr is it possible to change my order so that i recieve a medium sized tshirt?

October 03 2016

Can I get my shipment tracking number? It’s been a week. Sorry for being impatient, just wanted see if the shipping process is going fine and hopefully have my merchandise soon. #74302

Ciro Avelar
October 03 2016

I’ a huge tsm fan and i wanted to order an xl size of the full zip up jacket 2016 but im not sure if this size will be delivered on the day my friend will be on the US to pick up. I was wonderind if there was a way for me to know that.

October 02 2016

I was just wondering is there any way I could get a tracking number for my package.

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